I am in the first year of my PhD position at COSIC, researching isogeny-based cryptographic schemes, in the fallout of the Catryck-Decru attack.

Previously, I attained a Master’s degree in mathematics Cum Laude. During my studies, I focused on number theory and cryptology, with my final thesis being on a computational and mathematical analysis of the spectrum of isogeny graphs.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Mathematics in 2020, also at Leiden University, attaining a 7.5 on average, with particularly high marks in the abstract algebra courses. In addition, in 2015-16 I completed the first year of a Bachelor Economics at the Erasmus University.

I have worked as a teacher’s assistant at the Antoniuscollege Gouda, where I tutored in Economics, Management Studies and Mathematics, and assisted in teaching Excel studies. I have also worked as a Student Assistant at Leiden University for two years, tutoring the exercise classes for Algebra 3 (Galois Theory), Topology and Linear Algebra for physicists.

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